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Waxes and Polishes

by Anko Products Co. of TX, Inc.

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Silicone Vinyl Dressing - Can be used on surfaces such as vinyl tops, dashboards, side panels, upholstery and tires. Non-automotive uses include boats, shoes, luggage, pocketbooks, and camera bags. Imparts a deep, rich appearance, Durable to detergents and weathering. White liquid. 5 gal & 55 gal & 6/1 gal jugs.

Wash & Wax - Highly concentrated truck & car wash shampoo. Imparts a waxed appearance to the finish. Use 1 oz. Per gallon of water. Completely safe to equipment and people. Use in hot or cold water. Excellent general equipment wash. 5 gal. & 55 gal.

Spray Wax - A highly concentrated, non-streaking liquid wax. Safe on glass, rubber, vinyl and on all painted surfaces. Can be diluted up to 3000 to 1 with water in a metering system. 5 gal. & 55 gal.

Glaze-It Wax - A Carnuba based truck wax that will resist dirt, dust, grime, and concrete for four to six weeks, possibly even longer. Must be buffed by a high-speed bonnet to leave an extremely hard finish. 5 gal. & 55 gal.

Happy Malodor Counteractant - For trailer washouts HAPPY destroys the remaining odors in trailers, or any room or area that has a lingering foul smell. Use 6-10 oz. per five gallons of water and spray or mop onto surfaces to be deodorized. 1 qt. jug.

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