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Anko Products Co. of TX, Inc.

Manufacturer & Distributor of Industrial Cleaning Supplies

- Specializing In Vehicle Wash Products -

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Anko Products is a family-owned business that manufactures and distributes industrial cleaning supplies. Anko Products began in 1964 as a specialty chemical company selling cleaners, brushes, and application products for the ready-mix concrete industry. In the 80s, we have expanded our product line to include car and truck wash products and janitorial supplies. We have customers throughout the country - including some of the largest truck wash chains in the U.S. We have expertise in matching products with a variety of different cleaning systems.


Any of the products that we manufacture may be purchased as a sample. The buyer must have previously not used the product. This sample will be sold at the price of the largest single volume we sell of that product. (Ex: liquid will be at the 55 gal. price, powders will be at the 400# price.) Shipping will be by the least expensive method available unless otherwise requested by the buyer. Inquire as to the availability and price of any product listed. Due to government regulations concerning the transportation of cleaning compounds, some samples may be sent by UPS and others must be sent by freight line, usually at their minimum charge. Please inquire.


We at ANKO PRODUCTS believe that we have the best products on the market for use in the Vehicle Wash Industry. With this in mind, each of our products is 100% GUARANTEED to do the job to your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the product(s) within the first 30 days after your purchase you may return the unused portion of the products, freight prepaid, and we will refund the cost of the product in full. Please call before return shipments are made.


We are continually introducing products that are friendly to the environment. The term "biodegradable" refers to the breakdown of the surfactants used in a product. The surfactants that we use are biodegradable and by themselves present no hazard to the environment. Our products that are biodegradable and pose the least danger to the environment are marked with the "Earth" symbol in the margin.